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69ɫ embraces and celebrates students from all backgrounds and age groups. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in Youth Ministry at 69ɫ (YMCC). The focus is on the development of their faith journey, leadership skills, confidence, creating connections and having fun in a safe environment.

The ‘hub’ of YMCC is the Ryan Centre (the Youth Ministry room) where fortnightly meetings take place during lunch time. Within the College, students can participate in a range of programs during school hours and after school hours, like ‘Alpha’ or ‘Life Essentials’. Each year, students engage in immersive experiences such as spirituality days, retreats and camps. Aligning with our Outreach program, JUMP, YMCC students also work in several fundraising and charity initiatives.

The development of leadership skills is also encouraged, and emphasis is placed on Servant Leadership. Secondary students engage in several training days and sessions that they can use with our Primary YMCC Jnrs group (Stage 3 students) and Pharus Team. The Pharus Leadership Team consists of 6 students ranging from Years 9-11 and is the core group of students to lead YMCC, who are elected, commissioned, and hold their position for twelve months. The term ‘pharus’ is Latin for the beacon of light that comes from a lighthouse.

YMCC students also attend Diocesan events outside of school, contribute to a monthly Youth Mass (4th Sunday of every month, with a BBQ) and a Connecting Catholic Coasties (CCC) event each term. CCC was formed and launched in 2022 to provide opportunities for young Catholics on the Central Coast to come together. Students and young people from Catholic high schools and parish groups regularly participate.

Youth Ministry students have had opportunities for pilgrimage, including World Youth Day, the Australian Catholic Youth Festival and the Ignite Youth Conference. Students and staff have travelled to places such as Panama, Mexico, Poland and Italy and have genuinely enjoyed, experiencing first-hand, the universality of the Catholic Church.

Participation in YMCC is purely voluntary and each term students are given the opportunity to register their interest in upcoming events and programs. Please visit our website and follow our social media for more information. Alternatively, contact Mrs Maisie Tenev if you have any questions regarding YMCC.

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