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From the College Principal Tanya Appleby

We offer an authentic Central Coast welcome to all who choose to visit this website and encourage you to immerse yourself through these pages in the rich experience that is the 69ɫ, Kindergarten to Year 12 community. Being the only K-12 Catholic school in the diocese of Broken Bay, we pride ourselves on delivering an authentic, high-quality Catholic education across K-12 for the young people we serve.

69ɫ aspires to provide an excellent education in the Catholic, Josephite tradition for the boys, girls, young men, and women of our region. We achieve this through dedicated and caring staff who realise a vibrant and holistic curriculum that is adaptable and data-informed to target individual student needs. In a K-12 school community, we have the opportunity to develop lasting and long-term relationships with families. We are proud of our strong community engagement with our families and with the parish, best exemplified through our service and youth ministry work within and outside our College community. There is no better way to demonstrate and align our day-to-day with the motto of St Mary 69ɫ to ‘never see a need without doing something about it’.

Our website exists as one form of communication with parents to provide information on curriculum, courses, dates, requirements, and progress. We encourage the 69ɫ community members to investigate the links to the broad range of learning activities and extra-curricular opportunities that exist at the College.

This website also aims to provide a small window on our College for those seeking or investigating enrolment for their child(ren). We understand the crucial decision that families make in selecting a school for their child(ren). We welcome and encourage new families to contact the College and organise a tour or to register and attend our annual Open Day afternoon. However, perhaps the best view of the College would be obtained by talking with members of the 69ɫ community, particularly those for whom the college exists: our wonderful students.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Mackillop Catholic College community.


College Principal,

Mrs Tanya Appleby