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Kinder Orientation (Kinder Yana)

Here at 69ɫ we have a School Readiness Program known as ‘Kinder Yana’.

During Terms 3 and 4 of the Year prior to starting Kindergarten, students are to come to school in preparation for Kindergarten. There are 6 sessions in total, and are compulsory for each child starting Kindergarten at 69ɫ. Each session is about 1.5 hours in length. Three sessions are held over Term 3 and three during Term 4.

In Term 3, parents are asked to attend one compulsory morning session with their child to participate in literacy, numeracy, gross motor, and fine motor activities. This also provides a great opportunity for parents to network with each other and observe their child engaging in tasks in the company of others.

In Term 4, parents are encouraged to attend information sessions conducted by our Family Liaison Officer, School Counsellors and other professionals while the children undertake tasks in the classrooms. We strongly encourage participation in these sessions, which give parents an opportunity to receive vital information before students commence.

More information and dates will be made available to families successful in the enrolment process.