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Staff directory/leadership

College Principal Mrs Tanya Appleby
Acting Principal Primary Mrs Kerry Power
Acting Principal Secondary Mr Paul Lynch
Assistant  Principal Primary Mrs Sherylyn Kenney
Assistant  Principal Secondary Mrs Mel McGuinness
Parish Administrator Fr Philip Thottam
Parish Secretary Mrs Kim McCarthy
Pastoral Coordinators
Year 7 Mrs Rachael Elcoate
Year 8 Mr Michael Rickards
Year 9 Mr Julian Legge
Year 10 Mrs Corrine Patil
Year 11 Mr Glen Taragel
Year 12 Mr John McNamara
Pastoral Assistant 7-12 Mrs Megan Phillipson
Secondary Key Learning Area Coordinators
Religious Education Mrs Chrystal Price
English Mrs Kathy Yates
Maths Mr Graham Taylor
Science Mr Ryan Herbert
HSIE Mrs Monica Boyd
PDHPE Mr Damien Tomsett
Creative Arts Mrs Jillian Young
Performing Arts Mrs Sharon Baird
TAS Mr Damian Clair
Languages Mrs Helen Beech
VET/Careers Mrs Kerrie Pearce
Learning Support Coordinator Mrs Maryellen Lowe
Secondary Special Areas of Responsibility
Leader of Administration Mr Jason Morrow
Leader of Curriculum Mr Russell Jones
Leader of Wellbeing Mrs Kath Ardern
Leader of Youth Ministry Mrs Maisie Tenev
Leader of Professional Growth Ms Erin Sullivan
Leader of eLearning & Innovation Mrs Shayne Winkler
Leader of Transition Mrs Kathleen Black
Leader of Representative Sport Mr Duncan Black
Leader of Thursday Sport Ms Candice Gorman
Leader of Outreach Mrs Michelle Baxter
Pastoral Support Sr Jiji Canillas
Primary Special Areas of Responsibility
Leader of Religious Education and Stage 2 Mr Tim Snelling
Leader of Learning Data Analysis Mrs Allison Passafaro
Leader of Numeracy Mrs Catherine Whitmore
Leader of Literacy and Stage 1 Coordinator Mrs Christine Shilling
Leader of Social Emotional Learning Mrs Kellie Denneman
Relief Coordinator Mrs Sherylyn Kenney
Leader of PE Mrs Kellie Denneman
Learning Support Mrs Lauren Oliver
Learning Support Mrs Jeanette Noonan
Learning Support Mrs Lyndal Mukergee
Music and Drama Mrs Leanne Broadley
EAL/D Teacher (Mon & Tue Ms Sarah Shorter
College Special Areas of Responsibility
Counsellor Primary Mrs Angela Lykousis
K – 12 Counsellor Ms Jade Kremer
Psychologist Secondary Ms Abbey Smith
Provisional Psychologist Secondary Mrs MaryAnne Baker
Business Manager Mrs Jennifer Sheargold
College Teacher Librarian Mrs Jackie Crowe
Teacher Librarian Mrs Georgina Martin
Teacher Librarian Mrs Bronwyn Sandeman
Parent Engagement Coordinator Lucy Marien
K-12 Diverse Learning Coordinator Mrs Karen Jones
K-12 Aboriginal Education Team Taylor-Lee Cheney and Will Spek
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